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PFD Lifejackets

L50 Mens Carbon PFD with Handles

You should always prepare for the worst when participating in water-based activities, and that's why a life jacket is absolutely essential. Stay safe on the water this summer with the Mens Carbon Vest with Handles PFD 50, brought to you by Yamaha.

This life vest has been rigorously tested and approved, and is certified to Australian Standard AS4578. This will give you peace of mind when you are on the boat, canoes or jet skis in the scorching hot sun. In the windier or colder weather, the neoprene outer layer ensures that you maintain body heat.

The brightly coloured panels are aesthetically-pleasing, so not only will you ride in style, but you will be seen in emergency situations. Water safety is vital, so don't think twice this summer.

The team at Yamaha have you covered with this highly-reliable and durable buoyancy vest, suitable for calm waters.


  • Certified to Australian Standard AS4758
  • Neoprene outer helps maintain body heat

Composition: 100% Neoprene

Colour: Red

Be prepared in the water with our essential life jackets.


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