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Saltwater Series XL SDS Gen II Propeller

A premium prop designed exclusively for the V8 5.3L 4-stroke Yamaha outboards.

Designed to harness the awesome power of these engines and convert it into massive amounts of thrust,
Saltwater XL propellers have more diameter and 21% more blade area than even our largest Saltwater Series II propellers. This helps the F350 generate up to 45% more thrust than other 250hp-class outboards, and provides large offshore boats with plenty of power to plane quickly, as well as great acceleration and top-end speed. Available with the SDS Shift Dampening System.

(Note: deduct two inches of pitch for same or similar performance when converting non-SDS XL propellers to SDS-equipped Saltwater Series XL propellers.)

For use exclusively with the new V8 5.3L four stroke Yamaha outboards.


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