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Yamaha Cowl Splash Cover

Our Yamaha Cowl covers are fully-vented engine covers specifically designed to protect the cowling whilst the engine is running. Our Splash Covers fit like a second skin and are made from felt backed Polysoft marine grade fabric which is waterproof, breathable and UV stable.

Splash Covers are designed to remain on the engine at all times protecting the cowling from:

  • UV Fading.
  • Accidental knocks and scratches.
  • Bird droppings.
  • Salt corrosion.
  • Lure damage.
  • Ski rope burns.

So no matter what your leisure time activity may be, whether you are water-skiing, fishing or are simply moored, your engine will be kept in pristine condition.

  • Yamaha Splash Covers are designed not to cover the tell tail and exhaust ports.
  • Splash Covers are designed to be towed at high speeds on the outboard motor.
  • Splash Covers are designed to allow access to an internal fuel tank, where fitted.
  • Splash Covers are secured with marine grade shock cord that grips the engine just below where the cowling and engine head join.

Pull Start Only Yamaha Cowl Splash Cover protects your original cover from damage.


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